Posted by: seahiker | May 7, 2009

Tri Fit #8 – May 2009

Warm Up


4 x 50m (skate 5m, then Patient Catch 6 strokes / Tracks 6 strokes
4 x 50m Perfect pace 6 strokes / medium 6 strokes / cruise (fast long distance pace) 6 strokes
8 x 25m Single switch 25m / Fists 25m
100m sighting 3 times per 25m (try to sight while gliding on a patient catch) – how do you sight?


Sighting practice

50m – snapshot technique
50m – on patient catch
50m – balance shift (minimize)
50m – fit before, after, or well in between breaths? try all styles and pick one
50m – which side is easier to sight from?
50m – sight with head right out of the water. What is the energy cost?

8 x 25m count strokes and get average (SC)

200m at SC/25m
200m at SC+2
200m at SC+3

*Rest between 200m swims 30-40 seconds.

Cool Down

5 minutes as follows:
100m breast stroke
100m swim freestyle with fists
4 x 25m quiet swim with mailslot

Distance: 2100m


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