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Intro to Masters #7 – April 2009

Practice coming soon…

Posted by: seahiker | May 6, 2009

Tri Fit #7 – April 2009

Practice coming soon…

Posted by: seahiker | May 6, 2009

Swim for Speed #6 – April 2009

Warm Up

4 x 10m skate / 15m single switch
4 x 75m (5m skate off first wall, 10m single switch, swim the rest focusing on timing)
2 x 50m swim quietly (mailslot, narrow kick)
2 x 50m Kicking on your back. Build kick intensity over whole 50m.


12 x 25m as follows:
4 x 25m head position
4 x 25m spear to catch
4 x 25m tracks
4 x 25m patient catch timing

Dog paddle race to flags/marker 10m out
4 x 10-15m Keep mouth out of water!

4 x 25m or 50m sprints

1st round: with fins. Rest 3x the time it takes you to sprint the distance you’ve selected.

2nd round without fins. Rest 3x the swim time.

3 x 100m Quiet swim swimlek: fists 6 strokes / finger dragĀ  6 strokes / mailslot 6 strokes

Cool Down

4 x 100m Cruise 25m / Medium 25m / Perfect Pace 25m / Single Switch 25m
4 x 25m Swim: dangle head/wrists/exhale fully.

Distance: 2000m

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