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Canadian Freediving Nationals!

Peter swims to 169m at nationals. Photo: William Winram

Peter swims to 169m at nationals. Photo: William Winram

Peter went to Montreal last week for the National Freediving Championships, his first competition in over four years.

After a moderately successful first competition day, he pulled off a personal best performance of 169m in the dynamic apnea discipline (swimming underwater as far as possible with a monofin). This was also good enough for a BC record and silver medal at the competition.

He also happens to be only 36m away from the national record, 2m greater than the current US record, and the 2nd longest result in the discipline in all of North, South and Latin America.

Peter intends to attempt the national record of 205m held by his friend and fellow competitor, William Winram ( The attempt will be scheduled sometime in the next few months.

Check out Will’s website and his work on raising awareness about shark conversation by freediving with them.

For more information on freediving, please visit and, Canada’s leading freediving association.

Posted by: seahiker | May 7, 2009

Tri Fit #8 – May 2009

Warm Up


4 x 50m (skate 5m, then Patient Catch 6 strokes / Tracks 6 strokes
4 x 50m Perfect pace 6 strokes / medium 6 strokes / cruise (fast long distance pace) 6 strokes
8 x 25m Single switch 25m / Fists 25m
100m sighting 3 times per 25m (try to sight while gliding on a patient catch) – how do you sight?


Sighting practice

50m – snapshot technique
50m – on patient catch
50m – balance shift (minimize)
50m – fit before, after, or well in between breaths? try all styles and pick one
50m – which side is easier to sight from?
50m – sight with head right out of the water. What is the energy cost?

8 x 25m count strokes and get average (SC)

200m at SC/25m
200m at SC+2
200m at SC+3

*Rest between 200m swims 30-40 seconds.

Cool Down

5 minutes as follows:
100m breast stroke
100m swim freestyle with fists
4 x 25m quiet swim with mailslot

Distance: 2100m

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Swim for Speed #7 – April 2009

Practice coming soon.

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